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Mexico's customer visit

    March 27 ,  Mexican customers visited our company again , Zhili’s general Wang and marketing manager Jiang received

a warm welcome to the guests .

    After into the company, he saw our new changes, his photo is still hanging on the company's photo gallery. To see these

photos, he feel the time flies, he witnessed the development of luoyang zhili, and praised us for the steady development. Then

the two sides have made in-depth and closer exchanges on the forthcoming cooperation .
   This visit is mainly for the procurement plan has been identified, and further implementation of the product size specifications,

adjust the drawings of the problem, for the production of products to do preparatory work . After the drawing is determined, Zhili’s

general Wang and marketing manager Jiang led the customer to visit our factory, and do a detailed description of the

technological process of production . Customers showed great recognition of our company's product quality , and expressed confidence in this



   After the field visit, visit have a successful conclusion. Very grateful to this kind of customer about their support for the company,

this is our most valuable wealth and forward momentum. In the future development of the road, we will always be consistent for every

new and old customers to provide high-quality products and sincere intimate service!