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Blow Bar

High Chrome Blow Bar
$ 2.48 /kg

High chrome blow bar: while casting, we not only add molybdenum, vanadium, titanium, nickel, boron and other rare alloy elements. Meantime, we specially adopt variety of alloy modifier to strengthen the matrix. Those blow bars use refining, vacuum casting...

Bimetal Composite Blow Bar
$ 2.38 /kg

Type:bimetallic crusher blow barMaterial:Double metal composite..Name:bimetal blow bar for construcGuarantee:One year against quality defe.Chemical contr:Spectrum tester(analyser)Brand Name:ZHILIMachine...

High Manganese Blow Bar
$ 2.60 /kg

Type:manganese steel flat barMaterial:High Manganese Steel...Name:manganese steel flat barHeat treatment:Anneal,quenching ,temperingPhysical prope:Impact hardnessBrand Name:ZHILIMachine Type:CrusherProce...